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Swimming Training Shortfins
DMC Swim Wear Apparel
DMC Swim Kick and Pull Boards
DMC Front Snorkel for Swimming Training


"...At DMC SWIM we are committed to manufacturing the most technologically advanced swimming training equipment on the planet, and that's our promise..."

Our advanced patented designs are founded upon cutting edge hydro-dynamic technologies.

Many of the world’s best swimmers rely on DMC Swim training equipment to give them their competitive edge over their rivals.

Our superior range of swim training short fins & swim training aids are relied upon by countless champion swimmers and amateurs alike.

Whether you’re a beginner or a serious aquatic athlete, you should be utilising the best quality swim training equipment available.

If your ready to start taking your swimming training seriously then isn't it time that you got DMC SWIM equipment on your side?



Can't wait to capture my adventures with Lily! Check out the video:
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